On depression

Most people who only know me superficially only see the bubbly, loud, outrageous and funny me. My friends and family, however, know different.

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You never forget your first plant.

So, as my name may suggest, I like plants, and cats.

My interest in house plants started about 10 years ago: my boyfriend’s parents’ house was really stylish – it was an old physician’s home, and the bathroom still featured the original dispensary shelves. There were rocks, bits of driftwood, and other natural things on display, as well a few plants on the window sill and the corner of the bath. I used to love it there, it felt so relaxing in an unrefined way.

My “mother-in-law” at the time gave me a few cuttings, and it all started from there. One of the cuttings was from a money plant, or jade tree – a pretty common succulent. Succulents are easy to keep: just place them somewhere quite light and pretty much ignore them. And so, my first house plant is still with me today! However it has grown quite a bit, and I have now created another plant from it too.


Another cutting she gave me was from a lemon-scented geranium. I loved that plant – it smelt, as the name suggest, of lemon or citronella. Sadly, geraniums don’t have the same indestructibility levels as succulents; and that plant suffered at my unexperienced gardening hands. You know the saying “you never forget your first kiss”? Well the same goes for plants. For years, I tried finding another scented leaf pelargonium – because .I liked the scent, but also the pretty leaves.


The house plant market in the UK is not that great, and in the end, about a year ago I ordered a small baby geranium on Ebay. I put it in the kitchen, by the sunny French doors, and I was upset that it wasn’t growing very well; it was very leggy. But during the summer I re-potted it and it is now very happy. I believe I have managed to successfully grow two more from cuttings too – but I may still get myself a bigger, bushier plant if I find any in the UK!


My last first-love is actually more of an outdoor plant, though you can keep them indoor for a while…: hydrangeas. I remember planting my first hydrangea outside the front window of the house. It was around October, and I forgot about it for a few months. Then spring came, leaves grew back, and buds started appearing. Watching the progress of my hydrangea when I came home at night was a simple pleasure which I continue to indulge in these days… Except I now have more than one!

I am enough

I recently got my first tattoo – I had been thinking of getting one for a few years; more specifically since I split up from my long-term boyfriend back in early 2013. At the time, the idea was to get some outlines of flying birds inked on my shoulder, to represent freedom. Continue reading “I am enough”


A few weeks ago, I went back to France to visit my family. I usually go a couple of times a year at least – if I leave it any longer I miss my friends and family too much.  Aside from the pleasure of seeing them again, the thing I look forward to the most is: Nantes.

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I haven’t written a post in a few weeks, probably because I’ve had a lot going on. Also, I’ve been wondering about how much I can/should actually write on here. It’s not a private diary, yet I feel like using this blog like a bit of a journal… But I’m aware I should be careful about what I publish on the tinterweb, and I don’t think I’m quite ready to discuss the things I really want to talk about – yet.

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